We are a boutique management consulting firm.

What does boutique mean? To us, it means we are purposefully small, allowing us to treat our clients uniquely. We don’t build cookie-cutter solutions and force fit our clients. Rather, we collaborate with our clients to intelligently transform their business. Thoughtful analysis, shrewd planning and precise execution are the hallmarks of our approach.

We focus on the people part of transformation.

We are baffled when people aren’t the primary focus in any transformation. People, processes and technology are traditionally considered the cornerstones for successful change, but truly everything comes back to people. Processes and technology are tools to assist — people are the agents for change. All of our transformation work recognizes this truth.

We have serious experience.

Since 2000, DAI Solutions has helped large government agencies like the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs transform their businesses. And, at the opposite end of the spectrum, we have helped small service organizations including NARA and SBA impact their local communities.

We are a certified woman-owned small business.

Being a certified woman-owned small business is an important distinction. Many government organizations are required to use certified woman-owned small businesses, and we qualify to help meet that mandate.

Our Leadership Team


Sherilyne E. Dougherty, Ed.D.
Chief Executive Officer

  Sheri is the founder and essence of DAI Solutions’ boutique management consultancy. She has guided the company since its inception, overseeing all aspects of management, with a strong focus on strategic planning and business development. Under her leadership, DAI Solutions has matured into a strategic, client-centered practice focused on the people part of transformation.  

Paula Jimenez
Chief Operating Officer

  Paula is the driving force and touchstone for DAI Solutions’ transformation philosophy. She is a recognized expert in organizational development, change management, communications and learning. Over her career she has managed complex transformation initiatives for the Departments of Defense, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs.  

Tracy Schoenleber
Director of Operations

Tracy is a leader in workforce development. She conceptualizes and builds instructional development, training and strategic outreach programs for federal and commercial clients. Throughout her career she has focused on developing and implementing training and communications projects that help re-focus transition and strengthen large government workforces.