Contract Number:

  • N00178-10-D-5998

Issued by:

Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division

17632 Dahlgren Road, Suite 157

Dahlgren, VA 22448-5110

Award Date:

  • July 15, 2010

Task Orders include:

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Training Support

DAI Solutions is skilled in the full spectrum of consulting and educational technologies, including traditional classroom techniques, programmed instruction, interactive multimedia, web-based training and simulation. We offer both customized staff development solutions and an extensive portfolio of leadership and management education courses “off the shelf,” which cover a wide range of topics from conflict resolution and customer service to performance management, leadership and team building.

Our learning solutions consultants are experts in instructional design, leadership, organizational development, performance management and team building. DAI Solutions applies a blended learning approach to develop products such as classroom (instructor-led) training, workshops and seminars, web-based learning and e-learning solutions. We develop learning strategies to drive high impact performance, close critical performance and skill gaps, manage and develop talent and inspire and retain key personnel.

Functional and Administrative Support

With its complexities and intricacies, managing an organization and its human capital requires more than raw data to achieve desired results. Our team’s expert ability to draw upon the appropriate planning, analytic and management tools and techniques allows us to capture strategic qualitative and quantitative data at the right time. This, combined with our innovative thinking and subject matter expertise, gives us our distinctive edge to produce realistic and actionable results that facilitate success.

Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

Clear and concise communications is a core element of every DAI Solutions assignment, and is a distinctive specialty of ours. We offer in-depth expertise in marketing and outreach initiatives, public affairs, government and media relations, organizational identity and branding and communications product development. Typical projects range from initial strategy development through the final creation of communications products and tools that support a wide range of objectives, including recruitment, retention, brand awareness, program promotion, event management and organizational transformation.

Our approach begins with a consideration of the framework to achieve overarching project and client objectives, which contributes to the development of a powerful and integrated mix of methods, techniques and mediums that bring our clients the value they expect and deserve. DAI Solutions’ strategy combines high impact design with clear, consistent messages for positive media coverage and attention.


Zone presence SeaPort

Zone 2 – National Capital

  • Training Support
  • Functional and Administrative Support


Zone 3 – Mid-Atlantic

  • Functional and Administrative Support

Zone 4 – Gulf Coast

  • Training Support
  • Functional and Administrative Support
  • Public Affairs and Multimedia Support


Zone 6 – Southwest

  • Training Support
  • Functional and Administrative Support
  • Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

Zone 7 – Northwest

  • Training Support



Quality management refers to the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project to ensure that standards of quality are being met and to prevent and reduce issues that might compromise project performance or interfere with task order requirements. DAI Solutions maintains a robust, quality management program to evaluate performance at strategic intervals to ensure work products are completed within agreed upon time, scope and budget parameters. We stress quality control and risk identification, mitigation, oversight and reporting throughout all phases of a project’s lifecycle.

An essential first step in every DAI Solutions engagement involves employing comprehensive, reliable and validated project planning methodologies that successfully guide project execution and controls, including:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities of key internal and external project staff
  • Developing an activities list and a work-breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Documenting agreement on project scope, milestones and staffing
  • Defining planning assumptions, risks and constraints, as well as change control processes
  • Facilitating communication among internal and external project staff

With the WBS as its centerpiece, a project plan is developed to include possible risks and pre-conceived mitigation strategies. A risk register will be kept up-to-date throughout the project lifecycle to monitor and correct situations before they become problems. DAI Solutions employs internal project controls to vet the impact of any change in methodology, requirements or circumstances occurring within project parameters.

The table below provides an overview of common quality management standards that we employ to ensure maximum productivity and effective performance. We typically develop and apply more specific approaches based on the type of project and set of deliverables, including developing a customized quality management plan that addresses standards for quality planning, quality assurance and quality control, along with the specific resources, processes and procedures that will be used to maintain quality assurance and quality control. Where and when appropriate, DAI Solutions will also refer to client-preferred quality management standards to ensure compliance with established quality benchmarks.

Performance Goal Quality Management Techniques
Budget and Cost Control
  • Project Manager submits monthly budget reports to DAI Solutions’ finance office; financial data is entered into the corporate cost control system.
  • Monthly reports are generated for each task, with costs broken down into direct labor, travel, and other related charges; this allows us to closely monitor and keep costs down, which aligns with our corporate philosophy to try to produce more with less.
Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Planning – Our risk planning is composed of two components: mitigation and contingency planning. It involves assigning responsibility for risk actions, developing mitigation and/or contingency plans, developing measurements and creating action plans to respond to each risk.
  • Risk Identification – Consists of determining which risks (internal and/or external) might affect the project and documenting the characteristics of each risk. Risk identification is not a one-time event; rather, it is performed on a regular basis throughout the task/period of performance.
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis – When DAI Solutions does a risk assessment and analysis, it involves evaluating risk and risk interactions to assess the complete range of possible project outcomes. We actively identify which risks warrant a response. For example, risks such as increased costs of equipment and labor, unexpected changes in technology and modified policies can affect the project direction, scope and/or schedules.
  • Risk Handling – The implementation of risk mitigation and risk contingency plans developed in the previous steps describe how we will handle risk. Risk tracking and control will follow the progress of the risk and its probability, as well as the status of any mitigating strategies that have been executed. When changes occur, the basic cycle of identify, analyze and respond will be repeated.
Customer Relationship Management and Project Performance
  • DAI Solutions will coordinate with client representatives to establish quality objectives, including the scope and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies.
  • DAI Solutions team members will schedule recurring and ad hoc team meetings, as necessary, to maintain constant communication and collaboration with client representatives, discuss project priorities, monitor scope, schedule and resource needs and ensure delivery on outcomes, not just outputs.
  • The DAI Solutions Program Manager and a designated editor assigned to the contract will perform an extensive quality control (editorial and technical) review of all deliverables prior to client delivery and at other strategic intervals to ensure work quality and adherence to scope and established benchmarks.


DAI Solutions will request monthly status reports from all subcontractors that provide budgeted costs and incurred costs (monthly and cumulative) and technical accomplishments.

DAI Solutions will review invoices on at least a monthly basis to ensure that compensation matches performance and accomplishments.

The DAI Solutions Program Manager and a designated editor assigned to the contract will perform an extensive quality control (editorial and technical) review of all deliverables prior to client delivery to ensure work quality and adherence to scope and established benchmarks.


DAI Solutions will identify subcontractors on an as-needed basis to support various task orders, with DAI Solutions serving as the customer’s main point of contact. We have successfully managed qualified subcontractors in the past, and in each case, the working relationship has remained transparent to our customers. DAI Solutions’ policies and procedures for subcontractor management comply with applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other federal procurement regulations, including Federal Information Resource Management Regulations (FIRMR).

Current DAI Solutions approved sub-contractors:

  • The Bowen Group is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business providing professional management services and operational support to the federal government.
  • TMP Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, the world’s largest independent recruitment advertising agency. The company develops and implements digital and traditional recruitment and outreach communication programs for government and those organizations working with government.

To discuss subcontracting opportunities, please contact Sherilyne Dougherty, Ed.D. at or 703-838-0003, ext. 201.



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Business Development

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Customer Satisfaction

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