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DAI Solutions has been selected to lend its expertise in change management, stakeholder engagement and strategic communications to the General Services Administration’s (GSA) implementation of category management support services across the federal government.

DAI Solutions, along with partners Artlin Consulting of Fairfax, Va., and Jefferson Consulting of Washington, D.C., have been awarded a five-year blanket purchase agreement to support the Federal Acquisition Service’s (FAS) vital role in helping the federal government act as a more unified entity to achieve the benefits of being one of the largest buying organizations in the United States.

CEO and Founder Sherilyne Dougherty called the award a strategic win for DAI Solutions. “We are excited about this opportunity to help aid the federal government in ensuring category management becomes a fully integrated, mature process.”

The federal government manages hundreds of billions in contract spending each fiscal year across more than 500 departments and agencies, more than most Fortune 100 companies. Currently, government purchasing is fragmented, with uncoordinated customer management, supplier management and spend-management activities.

DAI Solutions and our partners will support FAS’s implementation of category management throughout multiple regions and locations including providing category planning; execution and management; change management; stakeholder engagement and adoption; and strategic communications planning and execution. The goal is to help the federal government act as one, buy as one, and reap the resulting benefits by aggregating buying to achieve best-in-class pricing, improving and standardizing specifications and service levels, increasing the productivity of supplier relationships and leveraging shared solutions.