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Bruce M. HallBy Bruce M. Hall, Shared Services Manager   

The writers, designers and programmers have finished building your organization’s new, responsive website. The look is fresh, the pages are easily navigable and the content is rich and reflective of your mission and experience.

Despite the sigh of relief, now is not the time to call it quits. Pulling together the resources needed to consistently generate new content relevant to your audiences should be your next step. There are many reasons to regularly update your website. Here are our top five:

1Improve Search Results

There’s no magic bullet to improving a website’s Google ranking, but adding content to website pages at least weekly can help. Search engines regularly “crawl” websites looking for new content. Websites that are updated frequently are deemed to have more current information and may be placed higher in search results. Research shows the top listing in Google search results receives 33 percent of the traffic; second place receives 18 percent. No one wants to come in third.

2Engage Your Audience to Keep Them Coming Back

A website rich with relevant, insightful and well-written news items, white papers, blog posts and other industry-focused articles grabs the attention of readers. Keep them coming back to see what’s new by adding fresh content regularly.

3Share Your Expertise

Case studies, stories about award wins and features highlighting an area of expertise display your organization’s knowledge and depth and can grow your credibility. If visitors gain valuable knowledge and insight when visiting your website they will come to view your organization as an authority in the industry.

4Show Your Dedication

Curating, writing and posting new content requires resources and commitment. Making regular website updates shows dedication to gathering and sharing your knowledge and insights with those in your field and, more importantly, with clients.

5Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

There’s a good chance your competition is not updating their websites regularly. Post smart content often and get a leg up. If your competitors are not updating their websites regularly, keep updating yours to seize the competitive advantage!

There’s More

Posting new content regularly on your website is only one aspect of an integrated communications strategy leveraging an online presence to establish your organization as a thought leader. Post brief intros, graphics and links to the website to social media properties like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to grow audiences and extend your organization’s reach even further.

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