Gratitude, professional and personal

By Paula Jimenez

I am grateful, in a world where every day I hear or read something that appalls me, to be surrounded by colleagues who care about one another and about what they do to make DAI Solutions, the clients and partners we serve, and the places where we live, better, healthier, and stronger.

Personally, who knew that one dog and one man could make a person complete? After 53 years on this planet, I have finally truly learned a lesson shared with me a long time ago (remember, practice makes perfect). When you open yourself to love, love will find you.

DAI solutions gives back

Every year our employees are offered paid time off for service. We went this route when we heard from colleagues that they would prefer to serve their communities in their own ways. We have great participation, and the service they give makes them – and therefore us – better.

Little acts of kindness can be huge

I am not into my birthday so I am always pleasantly surprised when someone I send a birthday note to replies, “Thanks for remembering.” It reminds me that at our very core, every human being, regardless of class, ethnicity or race, wants to know that he/she is remembered – little acts of kindness matter.

Holiday hosting tips and tricks

Holiday entertaining should not, let me repeat, should not be stressful so give yourself a break and strike a balance between homemade and store bought. Always have fresh flowers and non-scented candles burning and forego plastic for plates, glassware, and utensils. Not only will your spread look lovely but your guests will be honored you cared for them so graciously.

I will admit it, if I must host a cocktail party or dinner, I turn to the Barefoot Contessa. Ina Gartner is a gift and role model – she is smart, practical, and shares recipes that are “foolproof.” My “go to” dinner recipe is her Company Pot Roast. The roast strikes the perfect balance between comfort and wow. Google the recipe and give it a try; I am confident it will become your go to as well. Oh, and a good cocktail never hurts – this one cannot be any easier: In a champagne flute or wine glass, pour one ounce of Aperol (an Italian aperitive) and top with your favorite cava or prosecco – toast one another and enjoy!