Silhouette of a person looking up set against stars at night

By Shari Boyce

We are no strangers to hearing “live in the moment.” We may commonly use the phrase to dismiss worry, regret, self-doubt, or simply relieve ourselves from making a to-do list or planning for the future. It may even involve giving ourselves a pep talk when our fear takes over.

It’s easy to say “live in the moment.” Most may even agree that it has become a clichéd mantra or buzz-phrase that many of us try to live by. But are we truly “living in the moment?” Are we paying attention to the present and maintaining moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings and what’s going on around us?

Because we are a firm that helps companies navigate change and transformation by focusing on their people, we are constantly looking for ways to build and enhance relationships, increase levels of engagement, promote effective communication and foster innovative thinking.

Some months ago, our DAI Solutions team explored those questions. Inspired by one of our own, we embarked on a journey to mindfulness that began with an all-day workshop during which we learned a number of techniques to allow the mind to refocus on the present moment. In doing so, we learned about the power of pausing … shifting into a lower gear, renewing and connecting with our inner power and leveraging that power to discover our own blueprint to success in our personal lives, and in business.

From the top down, our employees are encouraged to practice mindfulness and be open to the possibility of pausing for power in life and in the workplace. Though practicing mindfulness often involves a combination of breathing techniques and mental relaxation, it can be as easy as taking moments throughout the work day to slow down, clear away the mental clutter and distractions, and focus on our well-being to connect with our inner power. Once we slow down, we can then accelerate again with greater intention and improved focus on the project or task at hand. Consistent practice has been shown to decrease stress, increase resilience and improve collaboration and well-being.

In 2017, we will continue to strive to live and work in the moment, with employees and the company as a whole continuing to benefit from this simple but effective practice that aids in productivity.