Budgets are limited. Productivity is critical. Now more than ever, organizations are seeking sustainable alternatives to in-person events. Virtual events offer a new way forward, providing a participant experience that mirrors that of traditional events.

So is a virtual event the best solution for your organization? The answer depends on your goals and objectives. If your agency wants to offer learning, workshops, seminars, jobs fairs or expos that are effective and efficient, then hosting a virtual event is a viable way to go. Still not convinced? Here are the top four benefits to going virtual:

  1. Accessibility: Access content and functionality anywhere, anytime, including via mobile devicesVirtual event
  2. Availability: Archive content to provide ongoing engagement, even after an event ends
  3. Cost effectiveness: Save money on travel, facility use and employee downtime
  4. Measurability: Demonstrate return on investment through real-time monitoring and activity tracking

Some organizations are still hesitant to make the leap to virtual events. They have real and valid concerns about system requirements, their participants’ comfort with a virtual platform, and the security of their information.

At DAI Solutions, we help organizations work through and address these concerns. We apply change leadership and management best practices to ensure your participants are ready (and excited) for their virtual event experience. We focus on designing virtual solutions that engage participants while leveraging the capabilities and strengths of secure and accessible delivery platforms. Our goal is to create a virtual event around your requirements and ensure that your goals are met.

If you are interested in learning more about DAI Solutions’ virtual event management capabilities, please contact Paula Antonovich.