Are you finding it challenging to get the right people to attend your organization’s training classes? A centralized learning support team―or Resource Center―can help you provide an adherence to quality that will keep the right audiences coming. A Resource Center can help organizations ensure that the learning offered aligns with constituent needs, and that learners have access to ongoing one-on-one assistance and stay fully engaged with the subject matter. When learners are simply not sure which learning to take, Resource Center career support professionals can step in and provide guidance to make sure the right people are attending the right learning program―all with an eye on furthering your organization’s goals.

Resource Center staff members advise organizations in prioritizing learning offerings, and can work with learning managers to align core competencies with career tracks and recommended learning and development programs. Staff members guide employees―taking the guesswork out of selecting and successfully completing courses―and make sure they find the learning that is right for them, reducing confusion and ensuring they stay on the right professional development track. As a result, learning managers will find enhanced enthusiasm, improved participation and, often, increased employee retention.

How can you use a Resource Center to optimize your organization’s learning program?

1. Conduct a needs analysis: Evaluate and prioritize the skills, knowledge and competencies that your staff needs to grow to help achieve organizational goals.

2. Evaluate existing learning offerings: Research and understand the learning that is currently available to staff, identify gaps, and determine where confusion is most common.

3. Consult the learning team: Help your learning team make the right decisions related to improving current learning and selecting new course offerings.

4. Foster advocacy among staff: Build a culture of enthusiasm for learning and encourage staff to participate.

5. Staff up: Depending on the size and dispersion of learners, you may need to plan for Resource Center staff coverage across time zones. Be sure your team has a full understanding of customer service and ongoing learning opportunities.